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Hi I'm Scoobs and I do audio mastering for living. 

Growing up as one of the biggest Blink 182 fans ever (must admit they all say they're the biggest ones) and loving their records which I couldn't stop listening to all over again I started to play, write and record music on my own when I was 14 y.o. willing to create something amazing too. 20+ years later still doing the same thing - chasing for the perfect drum/bass/guitar/vocal/mix/master sound that will make a great record to listen to. 

From bedroom recording to world-renowned studios

What a journey... Based on the fact that Blink 182 members Mark and Tom are awful singers, totally out of pitch performing on the stage but perfectly sounding on the records I decided that's what I needed to master to make myself sound great too. I literally stopped practicing my singing/playing and I fully focused on the audio tech only to make myself sound great as them. That chase even got me into studying Music Technology in College where I suddenly realized I have been spending the past years focusing on technical side of the records, not rehearsing anymore. I realized I was no longer a performing musician, I somehow naturally became a sound engineer. College opened the doors into University and there it all became more real than ever before. Graduating from Music Production and being obsessive audio geek opened the doors to several studio internships which then opened the doors to the first full time studio job. 

Little bit more sophisticated, little bit better equipment

During the last 10 years spent working in large commercial studios I have been developing my expertise from a recording to mixing and from mixing to a mastering engineer. The whole 20+ years journey got to the cycle where I am able to approach any record coming to my desk from different perspectives I went through myself. Was it recorded at home using entry level equipment? Mixed on headphones? Recorded live lacking proper mic's set up in poorly treated room? I have been there. Going through all of it in the past years helped me to be able to identify issues at their source bringing solutions to the table. Have you been mixing for hours and can't get it right? 


Let me hear it. 

Contact Me, hello I'm Scooby

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