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  • How should I make the order?
    - choose the service (Mastering/Mixing) - choose the service options (Single track, Ep, Album, into Tape) - log in - based upon your membership plan additional price %OFF will be automatically applied during the check out - pay for the service - once paid, "upload file" bar will appear - upload the files - let me get in touch with you
  • I got problems to upload my files
    make sure it is packed folder such as .zip, .rar, or .7zip if there is a problem on website don't worry send it over any other way let me know your order number and send it to: you can use such as: google drive wetransfer
  • What is standard delivery time?
    Standard delivery times for: Mastering: 1 track- 7 days EP- 10 days Album- 14 days Mixing: 1 track- 10 days EP- 14 days Album- 20 days
  • I need my song to be delivered tomorrow
    No problem at all. There are plenty of options to suit your needs. Add Express Delivery option to your basket and get it delivered as you need it.
  • What is Mastered/Mixed Into Tape?
    Into Tape option available to choose for character. Tape brings the desirable "warmth" to the record. It's definitely a cure for sterile digital recordings. Highly recommended to run the mix or master into the tape when there wasn't any use of high end analog equipment within the recording or mixing process.
  • What are the benefits of SSL 4000 G+ console in mastering process?
    Console analog summing G bus compressor routing matrix for analog signal chain
  • How many revisions do I have?
    Mastering: 1 track- 1 revision EP/ALBUM- 1 revision per each track Mixing: 1 track- 3 revisions EP/ALBUM- 3 revisions per each track In a case you want to experiment with different revisions just add any amount of revisions you need in shop
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